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The SAT ( Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized test that measures mathematical, reading and writing skills of students aspiring to undergo their undergraduate studies in India and abroad. " The test has 4 sections Reading, Writing & Language, Math–No calculator and Math-Calculator. It also has an additional optional Essay section. The test intends to aid universities in assessing the potential of applicants for higher education. "

That is why more than 4000 colleges in the US, India and 84 other countries accept SAT scores for admission to their programs. ”The examination is entirely paper-based and scored on scale from 400 to 1600. SAT score is one of the many factors taken into consideration during the holistic review of an applicant’s profile.
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S.NO Criteria SAT ACT
1 Syllabus Reading Writing and Language Mathematics Essay (Optional) . English Reading Mathematics Science Essay (Optional) .
2 Test Duration 3 hrs without essay 3hrs 50 minutes with essay. 2 hrs, 55 mins (without essay) 3 hrs,40 mins (with essay) .
3 Score Scored on a scale of 400-1600%. Scored on sacale of 1-36.
4 Calculator use Calculator can be used only on some math questions Calculator can be used on all math questions
5 Math Algebra I and II Geometry Trigonometry Arithmetic Probability Data Analysis Algebra I and II Geometry Trigonometry Arithmetic Probability
6 Reading Syllabus 5 reading Passages 4 reading passages
7 Science Syllabus This is None The Science section on ACT does not test knowledge on any particular science subject. It will test your science-based reasoning and critical thinking abilities.
8 English Syllabus Grammar Punctuation Vocabulary Editing skills Rhetorical skills Grammar Punctuation Sentence Structure
9 Essays The optional essay section of SAT will test your comprehension abilities of a given text. The optional essay section of ACT will test your analytical and evaluation skills.
10 Frequency of Test Held 7 times a year Held 6 times a year
11 Examination Fee For Indian applicants, the fee is around Rs.6000 – Rs.7000, depending on exchange rates For Indian applicants, the fee is around Rs.6000 – Rs.7700, depending on exchange rates

Facts about SAT

TThe SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a Paper-based standardized test most popular for undergraduate courses in U.S. and Canada also accepted by the United Kingdom and Australia

Facts Which is the best time to give the SAT exam?

The SAT Exam is held multiple times round-the-year. Students looking to appear for their SAT are advised to choose an exam date 3-4 months before their application deadline, to avoid any last-minute error. Candidates can choose from the various SAT Test Centres located across major cities in India.

SAT 2020 Eligibility

1. Age Limit to Appear for SAT Candidates should be informed that there is no minimum or maximum age criteria fixed for students wanting to appear for the exam. General studies have shown that students belonging to the age group of 17 to 19 are among the highest to appear for SAT.

2. How many times can you take the SAT exams - There are no restrictions set by the College Board, students can take the SAT exam offered 7 times annually

3.What is the educational eligibility criteria for SAT -The College Board which is the official SAT conducting agency has not laid down any specific eligibility criteria for SAT exam, for students appearing for one of the most recognized entrance exams for undergraduate studies abroad. Students are required to have successfully passed their high school to seek admission for undergraduate studies.

What skills does the SAT Exam test -SAT exam analysis Mathematical, Critical Reading and Writing skills of the candidates. According to the College Board, they test the skills which students have learned in their schools. They test the skills which are required for the academic success of the students in college.

• The College Board is the official conducting body of the SAT exam

• There is no minimum or maximum age set by the conducting body as SAT eligibility criteria

• SAT is widely accepted in countries like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

• Students appear for SAT for admission to undergraduate programmes in colleges/ universities abroad

• A maximum number of high school students between the ages 17-18 appear for the SAT exam

Topics Scale score
Mathematics section 200-800
The Critical Reading section 200-800
The Essay 2-8
The entire SAT 400-1600
SAT General SAT Subject
SAT General referred to as the Scholastic Assessment Test is required to be taken by students seeking admission to undergraduate schools SAT Subject, on the other hand, is a more subject-focused test.
SAT General is a general test that has been developed to evaluate the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates SAT Subject, Students looking to get admission to a particular course are required to take the SAT Subject Test to demonstrate their knowledge of that particular subject.

SAT Test Format

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