Profile Building

While GMAT Score is important to get into the B-schools, it is not the primary factor that can guarantee you an admission into your dream business school. A student can stand out in the crowd, when he has an exemplary profile combined with a good GMAT score. Students generally neglect working on their profile and end up having less time to enhance it before applying to universities. PrepMinds can help you enhance your profile while you are preparing for the GMAT or even before you start preparing to let you know where you stand among the applicants.

Application Essays

Essays reflect the applicant’s personality. Reviewers gauge the diversity that the applicant would add to the incoming class. Is your essay different from the other essays with cliched statements? Would the reviewer remember you after he has briefly read your essay in the bunch of thousands of essays received daily? We can help you refine your essays to leave an impression on the reviewers. What could get better than hearing from the horse’s mouth? Your essays would be reviewed by the Alumni from prestigious B-Schools such as ISB, IIMs.

Resume Reviews

Did you know that a B-School Resume is different from the one that you use for job applications? PrepMinds can help you come up with a professional B-School Resume and we bet you would be satisfied by looking at the results.

Mock Interviews

You are just one step away from making it to your dream B-School. This is one of the crucial stages in application process. Usually students lack practice because they juggle between applications, work etc. and do not spend time on practicing for interviews. Do you know what you can expect in the interviews? It couldn’t get better, if you are being mock interviewed by Alumni of the B-Schools you have applied to. The saying “Practice makes the man perfect” applies to your interviews as well.

Financial Advice

We connect our candidates to the best financial institutions and help them secure financial assistance at the best possible interest rates. For more details visit

Career Guidance by Industry Expert

We do not want our top scorers to be in a dilemma about what courses to select during their MBA program. We connect them to top notch industry experts who will guide them regarding the latest industry trends and the courses that they can opt for during their MBA program.