Should you take the ‘Online GMAT?

In my last article, I had mentioned what is assessed through the Quantitative comparison questions on the GRE and why is there such a stigma attached to them? Recently, the ‘online version’ of GMAT was announced: a temporary measure to deal with unprecedented situations surfaced as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. With this, you can take the GMAT from the comfort of your homes. Should you go ahead with this option?


1.The attempt won’t be counted towards your yearly and lifetime limits.

2.The fee has been reduced to $200.

3.Good option for those who need a score urgently for their Round 3 applications.


Most people would agree that doing calculations on an online tool would be significantly challenging. Also, if the scores of this online exam are included in the entire history of attempts, some may not be comfortable with lower scores being reflected in their test history even when schools mostly look at the highest scores.


1.No scratch paper can be used (online whiteboard to be used instead).

2.No unofficial scores right after you finish the exam. Formal scores to be sent to you within 7 days.

3.You can’t cancel the scores once you receive them.

4.Technical glitches a potential concern.

5.Only one 5 min break allowed.

However, since the attempt is not being counted in the quota of attempts, one can go ahead if one requires scores urgently for impending applications. Those who feel that they are at the peak of their performance levels may also want to undertake the exam.” Note: Aspirants may also make use of the excellent opportunity wherein many B-schools have exempted the requirements of GMAT for their applications in the current rounds (especially folks who are not so great at performing well in exams but have a good profile otherwise).”

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