Tips to Ace Quantitative Comparison Questions On the GRE

In my last article, I had mentioned what is assessed through the Quantitative comparison questions on the GRE and why is there such a stigma attached to them? Herein, I highlight the appropriate methods to ace such questions. Read on to find out!

You should Be familiar with the four different answer choices:

Quantitative Comparison questions always have the same answer choices for each and every question, hence, get to know them.”

Make sure that you must always draw the inferences from the question stem if it is given:

as most of the time it gives you the scenario that the problem focuses on, so spending time analyzing what the question has given and what else can be determined based on the given is a crucial step in solving these questions

Use the process of elimination to narrow down the choices:

like you can always eliminate the last answer choice, “The relationship cannot be determined from the information given” if you are sure that the values of the two can be determined by calculating

Avoid unnecessary calculations:

Don’t waste time performing lengthy calculations in order to compare the two quantities when you can approximate them and get the answer quickly

Simplify the quantities by performing math:

Try to use algebraic concepts to simplify the two quantities, this will either lead you to the direct answer or help you to decide what type of numbers you must test Plugin the Numbers:

It is a quite good strategy and many test-takers love it but remember to plug in numbers to a certain extent so that you must not end up wasting a lot of time as many numbers tend to give the same information except for that one number which tells you something different, and this is the number that the test taker tends to miss. Thus, it becomes important to be selective while using this strategy and know when and which numbers to plugin.

In General, students tend to fall more easily into the traps set for these question types and if you find yourself jumping to the answer immediately take a second, most probably it is wrong.


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